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The natural world is an endless playground of ingenious solutions to problems that have evolved
over hundreds of millions of years.


In this course, I am working on the Grasshopper to generate complex forms that I inspired from nature and translate them into my design works.

Academic project: Advance cad/ 2020 winter section

Rhode island school of design

Project by: Yutong

Abstract Structure

00 Project 1

Project 1

Natural forms are a result of a collection of constraints and parameters. Using the, the Library and the Nature Lab, research one aspect of a biological or
inorganic morphology that occurs in nature with the goal of understanding how and why these
forms emerge. The forms can be either microscopic or macroscopic. 

- PART 1

- Present (2) options for your proposed topic of inquiry, images, and sources.

- Create a sketch of your specimen from life

- Create a diagrammatic drawing(s) explaining the morphology you are investigating. Pay particular attention to what the defining parameters are.

Topic:  Fungus

I choose the fungus as my research topic, for their rich variety of structural compositions and attractively appearances. 

To begin with, I did some pre-researches of diiferent types of fungus. Most of them have linear structures, while others look totally different. Therefore I divide my research into to parts: the linear type and the other strange types.  

・ The linear type

The first structure I researched is the linear texture under its cap, the gills.


The parameters that define the structure are quantity, diameter, thickness... Other factors such as the degree of bending, the spacing & dense and the height.


Some mushroom grows together. The way they arrange 

can also be an important factor.

・ Other types

Among these strange fungi, I am most interested in the structure of Calvatia sculpta. I can't believe it belongs to the family of mushroom. 

未命名作品 11.jpg

Steps of structure-forming,and the parameters

未命名作品 11.jpg

1. the size 

2. the number of surfaces

未命名作品 11.jpg

3. the height

未命名作品 11.jpg

4. the angle, curvature or further detail structures

未命名作品 11.jpg