Little jellyfish

Floating  humidifier

Little jellyfish is a floating humidifier. You can use it in two ways: one is to put it on the table to humidify the air; another is to take the upside part, the jellyfish, to moisture your face.

Spring 2017 

Design by Yutong

01 Context 


I got this idea when I went to the aquarium. There were various kinds of jellyfish, all quite lovely and elegant. They floated in the water waving their tentacles. I was attracted by their movement. Also,its the high water content body makes their skin shiny and smoothy. When I stroked my dry skin, I even a little jealous of them.

Then this idea came up — designing a floating jellyfish humidifier.

02 Design features

1. How to use it?
2. State one:
    floating on your desk
3. State two:
    moisture your face

03 design process

1. Sketching & Modeling

02 Prototyping

1. Electronic & Mechanical

Use the Magnetic levitation board to floating the "jellyfish" 

2. Testing: How much weight can it hold?

Test how much weight it can hold 

3. Modeling

​Base on the weight test in part 2, design and make the floating J=jellyfish part- includes a magnet, water box, ultrasonic humidifiersUltrasonic humidifiers use a nebulizer, which is a small vibrating diaphragm, to create a cool mist.

4. Prototyping

Combine all components and test the function.