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Automatic feeding machine

For wet/liquid food

This auto feeding machine provides 2-3days freash liquid food for your lovely cats. No longer worry about feeding your pets when you are out for the whole day or go on a short trip. 



June. 2018

Company: Innozen

Design by: Yutong

01 context


/ The Needs

Most of the cats don't like to drink water, which is bad for their health. Therefore, some pet lovers would like to feed their cats with wet pet food. For sick and senior cats the liquid food is also a good choice.

There is a lot of auto feeders on the market, but most of them can only allow dry food. Therefore, the client came to us to design a wet food auto feeder.

/ The Problems

The biggest problem for feeding wet pet food is that it goes bad faster than normal dry food, so you might need to keep the food fresh as well as keep the tray clean.


02 Solution


​/ Problem 1: Wet food goes bad fast  

Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 12.03.35

Solution:  Dehydrate the wet food for a longer storing time. Mix with water when feeding

未命名作品 14.jpg

/ Problem 2: Always keep the tray clean

Solution: Multiple trays, auto change after each feeding

03 Design


/ Rendering

IMG_6708 (1).png

/ Functions


/ Inside detail

image-asset (1).png

/ Usescene

image-asset (2).png
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