reddot design award
winner 2019


Touch-sensitive pet urn. Designed to help ease the pain of pet owners who have lost their companions.



Zen Steamer   |   Portable humidifier & steamer

Lenovo VR   |   Cell phone VR device design ( internship )

Instant 3D   |    An alternative design of the 3d printer 

Ling Jie   |   Self-refilled electronic teapot

OU-Utensil   |   Pan = Plates


Petdio   |   Touch-sensitive pet urn

Snow beauty   |   Ultrasonic Facial oil diffuser

Jellyfish humidifier   |   Magnetic-floating humidifier

Magnetball   |   Electromagnetic induction socket

101&CO   |   Automatic feeding machine especially for liquid food

Green air purifier   |   Filtering air with moss and green plants

​Bubble timmer   |   Disappearing foam shows the passing of time



The random design   |   Thesis project 

Wearable belly frier   |   critical design on the topic of energy

100 steps go back home   |   a random generator project

The traces of time   |   Let the paintings paint themselves.

Needle cutlery   |   Design metrology experiment

Deco-it   |   Research and application of the future CMF in design



Cactus   |   service design

UI Redesign   |   Redesign the Steam game platform

Gostore   |   Voice service for grocery store

Adjusting temperature   |   Exploring ways of interaction

Sharing time   |   Jet lag data visualization

Reef   |   donation website design



Crown cloud   |   Ceramic cloud-like water bottle 

FONT / GRAPHIC   |   Do more exercise


After Hours   |   RPG game design

Venus in Words   |   Explore the alternative way of using tools

S   h   e   n     u     o   n   g