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Pet urn - with touch sensitive light

Love & companion

Petdio is a touch-sensitive urn with a light that helps ease the pain of pet owners who have lost their companions. When pet owners miss their departed companions, they can touch or stroke any part of the urn, which is shaped in the form of a dog or cat. This triggers an internal induction coil that lights up and enables the animal to continue providing comfort and companionship even after it has left the physical world.

Petdio is powered by an internal 5000 mAh battery, chargeable via USB. Its lighting module has 4 brightness levels, which can be adjusted depending on the mood. The body can be opened up to store the ashes. Death does not mean the end of the pet-and-owner relationship; with Petdio, it can continue in a different way.

April 2018

Company: Innozen

Design by: Yutong, Hongquan

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